Mark completed the Centurion Challenge on Sunday 12 September with assistance from the members of Gloucester Rowing Club. He rowed a total of 100,441 meters in a time of 7 hours 46 minutes.

Mark started the day early in his veteran "Quad Squad", which rowed nearly a quarter of the distance. This was followed by a full marathon (42,195m) on a rowing machine in which he was joined by his son Toby and fellow Gloucester member John Pritchard (his first marathon - well done John!). Outings in quads followed with members of the ladies' squad and the senior mens' squad. The final 3000m was completed in a coxed four crewed by Mark and his four children (Sam, Tom, Toby and Susie).

The day, also involving taster sessions for seniors and juniors, was a great success. The weather was warm and dry throughout. Many thanks to Club captain Sue, Steve and all the others who worked hard to make the day enjoyable and successful. Some photographs of the day can be seen on the Club's Instagram page.

Mark is currently resting!